Aw, Kory, Do I HAFTA?

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Shorter Ezra:

Hi there. I’m a confirmed, long-standing professional race-baiter for hire, desperately trying to stimulate enough ersatz outrage among the handful of cracker-barrel spitters still watching me out there to stave off bankruptcy for yet another of my failed media sponsors. However, since:

a) we’re up for license renewal in a month,

b) I’ve been reported for committing a hate crime, and,

c) I really want the opportunity to write off this Alaskan luxury cruise none of my idiot viewers can afford as a business expense,

Kory has my nuts in the mangle on this one. Such as they are.

So let me smirk and giggle my way through a mealy-mouthed, mocking non-apology that reprises all of those Roma-hating jokes I made, and I’ll try to pretend to be sorry. At least until AFTER the license renewal. Peace?

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