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"Are you a Jew?" No lament for Doug Christie

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The odious, Jew-baiting hypocrite Doug Christie is dead, lamented only by his political ilk and various deluded Speech Warriors™ who think he stood for something noble. It would be hard to improve on this obituary, and I won’t even try.

Yeah, yeah, I know, nil nisi bonum and all that, but too many sweet things are being said about him at the moment by the corporate media and the Usual Suspects. We’re watching revisionist history being written right before our eyes.

Here’s the real, unvarnished Doug Christie:

We were nearing the conclusion of my testimony when Christie barked, “Are you a Jew?”

The words hung in the courtroom.

I was stunned. I blinked several times in disbelief. Had I heard what I thought I’d heard? “Are you a Jew?” What the hell kind of question is that? I wondered what had sparked the question. Of course. I had made a “solemn affirmation” instead of swearing an oath on the Bible. I turned from Christie to look at the judge, who nodded his head as though I were to answer. “No,” I told the court.

His demeanour was no better outside the courtroom.

In considering whether to discipline him for his conduct during the trial of Zundel and the war crimes trial of Imre Finta, the Law Society looked into, among other things, a speech Christie delivered during the Finta trial at a rally in support of his client.

In the speech, he suggested that Jewish school children who attended the trial were there for the “theatre or entertainment” and more interested in vengeance than justice.

Although the Law Society’s discipline chair, Harvey Strosberg, declined to issue a complaint against Christie, he stressed that “my decision is in no way an endorsement or an approval of Mr. Christie’s conduct.”

He also wrote that Christie’s comments “clearly disclose that he has crossed the line separating counsel from client: he has made common cause with a small, lunatic, anti-Semitic fringe element in our society. We know who Mr. Christie is.”

I venture to hope that the recent Whatcott decision will no longer give carte blanche to creatures like this to spew their hatred in public.

When it came to freedom of speech, by the way, Christie was a major contender in the hypocrisy sweepstakes, ruthlessly SLAPPing people who dared criticize him. (But he wasn’t the only one. Not by a long shot.)

Even if the usual “decent interval” has not yet elapsed, a growing hagiography needs to be nipped in the bud. It’s frankly nauseating. So was Doug Christie.

BACKDATE: Big City Lib provides the documents: Christie thought Hitler got a bad rap. Note that Christie refers to the Holocaust as the “holocause,” a bit of not-so-subtle code that will be familiar to those who follow the goings-on of Holocaust deniers.

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