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Hate speech, Ezra Levant and the Office of the Ontario Attorney General

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A second complaint of hate speech against Ezra Levant for his infamous racist rant against the Roma people delivered on national television last Fall is before the Ontario Attorney General—or so a little bird tells me.

I posted about the apparent fate of the first complaint here. I may have been a little rough on Attorney General John Gerretsen: I am reliably informed that these decisions are really made by his deputy, Patrick Monaghan, who attended a meeting with representatives of the Roma community in Toronto on that occasion and told them it “wouldn’t be in the public interest” to prosecute Levant, despite the view of the Toronto police that a clear case had been made out.

It was revealed in the continuing conversation that he was afraid Levant would make a big noise about it. What a coward. What a cowardly response.

Well, the Hamilton police figure they have a strong case, too. Tibor Lukacs, founder of the United Roma of Hamilton, lodged a similar complaint against Levant, and the case is being recommended for prosecution. Once again, however, this must go through Patrick Monaghan to John Gerretsen for approval to proceed.

Will Monaghan’s cowardice get the better of him a second time as well? Will he once again quail before that cheap bully Ezra Levant and ignore the law? Or will the bold principles recently embodied in the Ontario Liberal government’s anti-bullying legislation trickle down into the Office of the Attorney General?

Wait. See.

UPDATE: Kory Teneycke wriggles and squirms under the bright light of Carol Off’s relentless questioning. @1:44: Police complaint? What police complaint? @7:32: Racism? What racism? What a sad, sloppy, disingenuous performance.

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