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Harper educates the masses

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A little Soviet-style education, courtesy of the Harper government.

In the process of learning to read, students at the federally funded Read Saskatoon are deliberately being fed lies and propaganda. A majority of Canadians do not support the Conservatives. Not by a long shot—even when they (cough) “surge.”

Let me take this opportunity to remind readers, once again, that the lines between partisan activity and governance are disappearing at the federal level. While CIDA got some publicity a while ago for running blatantly partisan advertisements on a government webpage, the Canada Revenue Agency is doing the same thing—but the corporate media have moved on to more important matters.

Tweeter extraordinaire Canadian Cynic has already been on this. Readers are invited to invent a little literacy agitprop of their own right here. Fun for the whole family—and, unlike Harper’s taxpayer-funded effort, it’s free!

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