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Harper government blackmailing First Nations?

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This is a story to watch. Veteran journalist Michael Harris has been informed that contribution agreements between First Nations and the federal government require new conditions to be met by the bands.

“One of the council members took the whole appendix home and read it all. There were a lot of conditions never seen before. Some signed and some didn’t,” said Christine Dieter, a First Nations woman in southern Saskatchewan.

The appendix allegedly requires the bands to support federal omnibus legislation and proposed resource developments as a condition of accessing their funding. Some bands have already signed the funding agreements out of necessity, noting that they did so under duress, and at least two others allegedly did not. “As of April 1, 2013,” one source said, “they will have no funds because they did not sign the agreement.” [emphasis added]

The two First Nations bands identified as not signing are the Peepeekisis Cree Nation and the Onion Lake Cree Nation. Contribution agreements give the breakdown of the funding dollars a band receives and make up the operating budget for many bands.

Harris is careful: copies of the documents are needed to confirm the accounts. But it’s not as though this sort of Gleichschaltung is out of character for the Harper government. Will the Media Party follow up?

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