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A Harper-appointed judge, Madam Justice Jane Kelly, has delivered a wrist-slap to a former TTC boss who sexually abused and impregnated his 15-year-old foster daughter.

Now a shattered 50-year-old woman, she described being robbed of her future by a man who preyed on her innocence and vulnerability. Called a liar by the Catholic Children’s Aid Society when she begged them to remove her from his lecherous advances, they then tried to take away her baby when she became pregnant and didn’t report Smith to Toronto Police.

She was a child raising a child and her life was never the same. Her past destroyed her marriage and left her with severe post-traumatic stress disorder as well as chronic eating and sleep issues.

But the judge, once an advocate for Conrad Black, didn’t give a damn. Her vicious attacker, after all, was a member of the privileged class.

Justice Jane Kelly began to sing Smith’s praises, of how the 61-year-old executive has lived an exemplary life except for his “most irresponsible conduct.”

She gave him some house arrest and community service.

Law and order? That’s for the rest of us.

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