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Bruce Carson. Patrick Brazeau. And now, Arthur Porter. Stephen Harper sure knows how to pick ‘em.

None, of course, has been convicted of the crimes they are alleged to have committed. But all of them, as reported, seem fairly louche individuals. Tom Mulcair was on his feet in the Commons asking about Porter, who was appointed by Harper to run the Security and Intelligence Review Committee, the CSIS oversight body, was sworn in as a Privy Councillor, and is now a wanted man. Then it was the Liberals’ turn:

In question period, interim Liberal Leader Bob Rae asked why Toews suggested yesterday that it was up to the opposition parties to vet government appointments.

“The opposition parties, Mr. Speaker, do not have the capacity to do a security clearance. They do not have a capacity to investigate, they do not have a capacity to cross-examine, they do not have the capacity to do the work which is supposed to be the work of the government,” Rae said.

“Where are the security clearances for this government?”

Apropos of nothing, “knaves” rhymes with “Toews.” Here is our Minister of Public Safety’s preposterous response:

Toews put the blame for Porter’s appointment on the NDP and Liberals, arguing the parties didn’t contest the appointment. Toews is the minister responsible for CSIS and SIRC.

“Now the member stands up and says I didn’t have any information so I simply consented. That is an abdication of his responsibility. If there were any concerns that he had, he could have brought it to the attention of the appropriate authorities and simply asked the question. He failed in his responsibilities.”

Rae, as the article notes, was not the Liberal leader at the time of Porter’s appointment. And as Rae himself points out, when it comes to such appointments, the government has “a monopoly on all the facts.”

But never mind. Who is to blame for lousy Harper appointments to ultra-sensitive posts affecting national security? Why, the opposition parties, of course. They just should have known better.

[H/t Stephen Lautens]

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