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Roma-hatred: the John Gerretsen-Ezra Levant axis

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We are now reliably informed that Ezra Levant will not be prosecuted for hate speech after his on-air racist rant against the Roma people last Fall.

On March 11, [Toronto Roma Community Centre Gina Csanyi-Robah says police informed her that they found more than enough evidence to charge Levant under the Criminal Code, and the Crown attorney agreed. But then permission from the Ontario attorney general was not forthcoming, she says, adding that two detectives told her that was highly unusual — they had never seen such a rejection. [emphasis added]

She was called to a meeting March 14 with Patrick Monahan, deputy attorney general. The detectives and the Crown attorney were there. So was Mark Freiman, lawyer for the Roma Centre, and two of its board members.

She recalled — and another person corroborated — that Monahan said there was evidence to proceed with the charge but that it could be “a challenging case.” Told that most anti-hate cases can be challenging, he said that Levant was a bully and that he’d turn it into “a bit of circus,” she says.

What—the Ontario legal establishment right up to the Attorney General is intimidated into inaction by a two-bit clown and bully like Ezra Levant?

Unlikely. Here is a far better explanation:

[F]ormer Conservative MPP Toni Skarica, an Ontario Crown Attorney…speaking at a parliamentary committee, said Roma refugees from Hungary come to Canada because “we have the most generous welfare package for refugees in the world. That’s why they’re coming here, because they get the best deal here.” When NDP immigration critic Jinny Sims objected to a representative of Ontario’s attorney general castigating all Hungarian Roma refugees as welfare cheats, the chair of the committee, Conservative MP David Tislon, overruled her objection saying that this type of comment was to be expected: “It’s the joy of sitting on a committee.” [emphasis added]

Skarica was subsequently appointed to the bench by Stephen Harper—no big surprise there. But the point to note is that he was appearing as a witness on behalf of the Ontario Attorney General, John Gerretsen—the same Attorney General who, to the evident surprise of the police who thought they had a slam-dunk case against Levant, refused permission to proceed against him.

I leave it to readers to connect the dots. They really aren’t very far apart.

ADDENDUM: If, and I say if, the Attorney General and his deputy, Patrick Monaghan, really did back down out of pure cowardice rather than anti-Roma sympathies—then this is truly a sorry and ironic commentary upon the Ontario Liberal government’s much-vaunted anti-bullying legislation.

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