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We all get ‘em, if we’ve been around for a while. You block them on Twitter, but they monitor your Tweets anyway. They read all your posts, too, and Tweet reactions to them as well.

The attention is flattering, in a way. You rather hope that regular readers will do all that, of course, but with this singular difference: your regulars don’t lie, mock and defame you every chance they get.

My stalker (let’s call her R. L├ępine) has variously accused me of advocating violence against women, of fabricating stories to justify that violence, of being mentally ill, of defending bad cops, and—a rich example of projection—of being a cyber-stalker myself.

I’ve been alerted by cyber-buddies to these shenanigans time and again. The sniping is incessant. I have a rich collection of screenshots to prove it. There have been references to me in blogposts, too, one of which went so far over the line that it took a threat of legal action to have it removed.

(I’m going to keep the identity of that blogsite to myself for now. Other posters there have been up to none of these disgusting tricks, and shouldn’t be tarred by association.)

Yes, there was a RL personal connection, which I’m not about to get into. No doubt there was much fault on both sides, or, at the very least, a fundamental incompatibility. But none of that excuses her obsessive online behaviour. She thinks about me all the time. I wish she wouldn’t.

So I would like it to stop. This is my warning shot across the bow. If it does not, there will be a full-scale outing, photo, Twitter handle and all. DFWM.

Now, back to our regular programming.

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