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I just received the following sliver of hilarious hysteria from the Good Folks at the Sun Media Network:

“Thank you for adding your voice to the fight for Sun News. You and more than 50,000 like-minded Canadians have shown the CRTC that Canadian TV should come first. BUT THE FIGHT IS NOT OVER! It’s clear that radical left-wing groups, vested interests in the media industry and foreign agitators will stop at nothing to prevent us from obtaining a new licence. We may need to call on you at a moment’s notice to help us again in this fight. As Churchill famously noted, “this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end.” We need you now more than ever. Sincerely, The Sun News Team.”

Clearly the outstanding journalists at Sun didn’t actually read my intervention, which, to summarize, essentially said: “Mandatory carriage? Blow me.”

Anyway, being a polite chap, I responded as follows:

“I am sure I am not the only Canadian who feels that the survival of our democracy, and perhaps the future of Christian Civilization itself, is at stake here. Know that you can count on me to fight shoulder to shoulder with my brothers and sisters at the Sun Media Network to fan the last flickers of God’s flame in this dying world, as the smoke and stench of atheism, communism, socialism, homosexualism, and evolutionisticism rise ever higher.

Yours truly, etc.”

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