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This Google doodle, celebrating the birthday of veteran Chicano labour organizer Cesar Chavez, appeared today on Google.com. It would have been a safe prediction that American right-wing nutjobs would get their polyester knickers in a knot. And so they did. Ouch!

Hilariously, Michelle Malkin’s perpetual rage machine at Twitchy.com initially couldn’t even tell the difference between Cesar Chavez and the late Venezuelan president Hugo Ch├ívez. And they weren’t alone. For the bigots, all Hispanics look alike.

March 31, as it happens, was Cesar Chavez’ birthday, and that day is a declared annual holiday in Texas, California and Colorado. His considerable legacy and achievements are marked by processions and other observances, there and elsewhere. His recognition in a Google doodle is hardly surprising, then, but apparently this is the opening salvo of a War on Easter.

Bonus hilarity: a conservative grassroots campaign to boycott Google. Heh. Good luck with that.

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