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The "new" Liberals--same old, same old

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A scant few weeks after Justin Trudeau’s coronation, the new leader voted with Harper in support of the Canada-China FIPA.

He voted with Harper again on S-7, Harper’s dangerous new anti-terrorism legislation. Police will now have the right to arrest you if they think you might commit a crime in the future. You could be forced to testify at investigative hearings, and jailed for a year if you don’t want to play. No problem, says Justin. One can almost see his father’s infamous shrug.

And Trudeau voted with Harper yet again to defeat an NDP motion calling the government to account on climate change.

So much for the first few days of Trudeau’s “leadership.” But it gets worse. Liberals are now openly consorting with the most regressive elements in the Conservative party, co-hosting an event on Parliament Hill organized by the Institute for Marriage and Family Canada (Scroll way down).

What is this outfit? Well, its director is none other than Andrea Mrozek, one of Canada’s most vociferous anti-choice campaigners, most recently in the news supporting Mark Warawa’s infamous Motion 408 and urging MPs to vote for it. Mrozek is also a fierce opponent of national childcare.

But back to that Institute of hers. The Institute of Marriage and Family Canada/Institut du Mariage et de la Famille Canada (IMFC) was created by Focus on the Family Canada. That’s an affiliate of the US far-right lobby group Focus on the Family, headed by the virulently homophobic James Dobson. Dobson approves of beating children, too.

Odd friends these Liberals have.

To those who keep on shrieking that the NDP should make common cause with the Liberals to defeat the Conservatives, why on earth should we support the fire in preference to the frying pan? The Liberals have always been the red wing of the Librocon Party—recall Dion’s consistent pro-Harper voting record, and Michael Ignatieff’s refusal to join with the NDP in bringing the Harper government to an end. It’s taken only a few days for Trudeau to demonstrate that nothing has changed.

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