Tom Swift and His Amazing Invisible Snowmobile

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Time to give credit where credit is due. Okay, so his government may have killed training for Land Claims Groups, slashed funding for Inuit health research, decimated the national Inuit organizations, thrown Nunavut fisheries quotas out the window in favour of ridings with more votes, ignored the tragic spike in Inuit suicide, refused to honour its Land Claims commitments, slashed education funding for Inuit youth, repudiated its obligations under the Inuit Language Act, mocked Arctic environmental concerns, failed to meet its Inuit hiring and training agreements, and reneged on its northern housing commitments. Yeah, okay. But LOOK at THIS COOLNESS! Mr. Harper has spend more than half a million dollars on a Stealth Snowmobile to…ummm….that will…uhhh….

Say, what exactly WOULD you use a Stealth Snowmobile for, anyway? Ferrying Conservative Senators to imaginary speaking engagements?

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