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Law and order in Edmonton [updated]

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This is what can happen to a woman if she speeds in the Edmonton area.

The vicious cop who did this to Dr. Simona Tibu remains unnamed—but maybe the media can do something about that. In fact they should, without delay. He is a likely danger to the community, including his neighbours. Besides leaving bruises and deep scrapes all over her body, he is alleged to have sexually assaulted her as well.

We don’t know the full story, people will say, and they are right. But the pictures don’t lie. And what they tell us is that this woman of 41 was beaten bloody by a cop after being stopped for speeding. It is reported that she was taken to hospital with “bruises all over her body.” Nothing—absolutely nothing—can justify that.

Another picture—a stark representation of brute misogyny. The violence-against-women folks couldn’t make a better poster than this, other than the fact that the media, instinctively covering for the police officer, have blurred his face. Note in particular the perp’s perfectly relaxed position after the assault. And his size, compared to that of the woman lying bloody on the ground.

Edmonton cops.JPG

What now? Well, check out this story. Even when the Alberta equivalent of Ontario’s Special Investigations Unit recommends charges against Edmonton police, the Crown is loath to offend his team, and won’t prosecute. So don’t expect a satisfactory resolution of this case. Police impunity is alive and well in Edmonton.

UPDATE: And the other boot falls. How many more times will we have to watch this movie? [H/t]

The corporate media, as usual, are covering for the cop, refusing to name him, erasing his face from the citizen photo as noted above, and now referring to Tibu’s “alleged” injuries—while running pictures of them.

This blog will publish the cop’s name and photo if received. Contact me at Dr.Dawg(at)gmail.com.

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