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Tarek and John: important update

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A letter from their Egyptian dungeon. Read it all. They have been abused and tortured, and continue to be held in inhumane conditions.

It now looks likely that trumped-up charges will be brought by the bloody military dictatorship that recently seized power in Egypt. Tyrants don’t often admit errors, or issue apologies.

I’m not inclined to believe that the Harper government is doing more than going through the diplomatic motions. After all, it’s just two more dissident “leftist” Canadians in a jam, and as I noted earlier, the Conservatives have marooned citizens before. Why are we not sending Egyptian diplomats home, one by one, until this matter is favourably resolved?

This is, for any decent Canadian, an intolerable situation. And Harper’s dithering and foot-dragging is making it far worse.

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