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OK, this is a totally frivolous post, but…gack! I need help! A few days ago I heard a song. I loved the song. I don’t remember the title. I don’t remember the artist. I don’t remember any more than a few of the words, and I certainly don’t remember the tune. In other words, it’s kind of an anti-earworm. A song that did NOT get stuck in my head. And I need your help to figure out what it was.

This is what I DO remember:

  1. A male voice.

  2. Some form of rock, but my ability to genre-classify popular music is rather poor.

  3. A refrain that repeats the same tune twice, but the second time an octave higher.

  4. The topic of the lyrics is somewhat negative. Singer is promising lover or love object that he will get rich somehow, but it came off (to me) as vaguely despairing.

So, I actually have giant gaps in my popular culture knowledge, since I spent a good chunk of my teenagerhood and early twenties sneering at popular culture, which of course I sometimes still do but less so. I have a feeling that this is an artist that I Should Know, but of course I don’t. I’ve already gone through a bunch of songs on YouTube and on lyric websites…but they weren’t it.

Feel free to make suggestions, before I go totally crazy.

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