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BREAKING: Richard Warman wins defamation suit!

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Human rights lawyer Richard Warman has won his lawsuit against Connie and Mark Fournier of the far-right website Free Dominion, and two “John Does” who defamed him there. Warman was awarded $42,000 in total, including substantial punitive damages. Costs are yet to be determined.

Defamation is not a free speech issue. Never was, never will be. And in any case, free speech does not mean consequence-free speech. A bitter lesson, I suspect, may have been learned.

More later.

UPDATE: There is no joy in Mudville, as my ARC pals put it. I would prefer a reference to early Bob Dylan, myself: “And the only sound that’s left/ After the ambulances go/ Is Richard Warman sweeping up/ On defamation row.”

But enough crowing. It’s unseemly, and I’m above that sort of thing. Most of the time, anyway.

The dust has not yet settled, but the Fourniers have now suggested that they have five grounds upon which to appeal the jury verdict. That thread is…interesting, as is this one, at the site of a fervent Fourniers supporter. I wouldn’t normally direct traffic to places like that, but Schadenfreude is one of my weaknesses.

I do have a serious request of commenters here. Please, folks, I have to sleep sometime, so be careful that your own words are not defamatory of any of the participants in this trial. I will have to be editorially ruthless about this, as I’m sure you can understand.

In any case, no more news at this point, only a question. Are the Fourniers appealing?


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