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Canada's week of embarrassment

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Doing some industrial espionage in Brazil for private corporations—and getting caught. Instructing the Maldives on how to run clean elections. Threatening the Commonwealth.

Why is the Canadian state running errands for mining companies? Well, it’s not the first time, of course. Our trade alliance with the bloody narco-state of Colombia was based upon mining interests. The deep-sixing of a private member’s bill to enforce mining company ethics abroad is another example. (No surprise, the Harper government was supported by the Liberals in each case.) But when our government grossly misuses the public service—CSEC is supposed to be ensuring national security, not working to enhance corporate profits—we’ve gone well past the usual pro-business politics. Even as a gofer, the state has no place in the boardrooms of the nation. And to be caught at it—thank you, Edward Snowden—is plain cringeworthy.

As for the small country in the Indian Ocean that has attracted the staged ire of the Honourable John Baird, no one imagines the Maldives is democratic; it has never been known for running clean elections. But for a government whose party has been deeply implicated in electoral fraud itself, there is something of the proverbial sooty kettle here. And yes, representing a country whose President is running 5% in the polls might be somewhat embarrassing—if it didn’t come from a man whose own government is running at only 32%. That really doesn’t provide overwhelming moral cover, now, does it?

Finally, why is Harper going after the Commonwealth? Even the Globe & Mail is scratching its editorial head.

It’s as if Canada is having a toddler’s meltdown on the world stage, complete with smashed toys, crayoned walls and a soiled onesie.

And, good grief, it’s only Tuesday.

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