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You know that a “science” is nothing other than a thin mask for political ideation when its most ardent defenders compile a list of “bad criticisms” that is nothing other than concern trolling and tone policing.

Even the economists whom I like as people or whose hearts are in the right place, well, their existence doesn’t convince me that their profession should exist as such. Is economism even ethical?

(h/t Crooked Timber. Also, I haven’t read the book above because I am illiterate in books and am only capable of reading books written in Quenya or some other recognized elvish language. All my posts are translated to English by a committee of Tolkien experts. But the title is great.)

UPDATE: Welcome @dgardner twitter readers! Tariffs are the wave of the future. It’s the litmus test for whether an astrologer economist is on the side of the angels!

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