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The Ontario Special Investigations Unit (SIU), that is.

Here’s the dismal record. And a more recent case, where blowing away a man armed with a shovel was deemed to be an acceptable use of lethal force.

I and perhaps others thought that the corner had been turned in the Sammy Yatim matter. Alas, that was a momentary glitch for a “watchdog” whose slogan ought to be, “To clear and exonerate.” Recall that the word “oversight” has two meanings.

Here, folks, I think we have our limit case. Tasering a frail 80-year-old woman with dementia twice, causing her to break her hip in a fall, was deemed to be within bounds by the SIU. There were two cops on the scene, incidentally—joined by the supervisor who Tasered her. Oh, the bravery.

Keep the SIU? Only if we get a watchdog to watch the watchdog.

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