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Librocon tales: the muzzling of independent MPs

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Once again, the Liberals have teamed up with the Conservatives against democracy and an open Parliament.

Last week they joined forces to defeat an NDP motion for Senate reform that would have curtailed spending abuses and partisan activity by Senators on the taxpayer’s dime. The Librocons, whichever faction of their party is in power (the red wing or the blue wing), want to keep today’s Senate just as it is. Patronage is, after all, a core element of the way the Librocons do business. The Senate is a splendid dumping-ground for hacks and cronies incapable of honest toil who can be deployed as yes-people and talking-point-parrots on command.

Now it’s a disgraceful attempt to muzzle independent MPs. Contrary to centuries of Westminster tradition, MPs without recognized party caucuses will no longer have the right to propose amendments to bills in the House of Commons. Whatever happened to the privileges and rights of individual MPs? You might well ask.

Supposedly, this is all balanced by graciously allowing these MPs to propose amendments in Committee. Two points: first, they should have had that already. Second, it prevents having their amendments debated by the whole House.

It’s a muzzle, so let’s not pretend it isn’t. The Conservative-Liberal backroom handshakes continue, and parliamentary democracy suffers another serious blow.

Meanwhile, Justin Trudeau has come out in favour of the Keystone XL pipeline. At this point, the only serious difference between him and Stephen Harper appears to be his hair.

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