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The eyes have it: Big Harper

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…is watching you.

Whatever happened to the anti-statist Reform Party of Canada? Remember the “good government is small government” mantra?

In just a few days, we’ve been treated to revelations about CSEC and the NSA setting up companionable shop in Toronto to spy—and if you don’t think the G20 protests were the target, I have some Florida cottage land to sell you, cheap. (We’re promised more on that, thanks to Edward Snowden: stay tuned.) And then there’s the reintroduction of the Tell Vic Everything bill. And a disabled woman, on her way to the Caribbean, was turned back in New York because American border security had access to her “confidential” medical records. And now we have the not-too-surprising revelation that the Harper government is monitoring all social media—no doubt to keep tabs on all of those enemies of the people out there.

Like Santa Claus (obligatory seasonal reference), Harper sees you when you’re sleeping and knows when you’re awake—and whether, by his lights, you’re been bad or good. Canada has never seen statism like this. Ever.

Maybe here’s a chance for the playful folks at Free Dominion and the libertarian Left to join forces—albeit warily. Who in their right minds could support this ugly oligarchy now?

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