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A small thing, perhaps, yet immensely telling. The Justin Trudeau Liberals just joined with the Conservatives to vote down an NDP private member’s bill that would protect volunteer firefighters from employer reprisals. As one person Tweeted: “I guess volunteer firefighters aren’t middle class enough for JT.”

Precisely. This silver-spoon poseur, born into a life of privilege, has a patrician contempt for working-class people, as his father did before him. His constant references to the “middle class” exclude working-class people entirely, with a meaningful silence.

Trudeau has apparently rejected the notion of any coalition with the NDP, and here let me heave a sigh of relief. Not that the party of Tom Mulcair is exactly a tribune of the working class, but few of its representatives in Parliament hail from the upper tiers. Aristocrats like Trudeau prefer to shun the company of those they believe are beneath them—guitar-scratchers, union folk and the like. NQOCD. And that goes for those crude firefighters, too.

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