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Manuel Valls ne changera pas de "feuille de… from lemondefr

Unbelievable. Marine le Pen and the National Front in France win a historic victory in the European Parliament and rub the Socialist Party’s face in the mud, and how does the SP respond? By announcing tax cuts!

Fran├žois Hollande was elected President as an explicit rejection of Sarkozy’s attempt at repeating the Thirdwayist betrayal of the German Social Democrats in the 2000s — and he caved right at the beginning with hardly even a show of force. But much of the French electorate was willing to call Germany’s bluff, and if they can’t do it with nominal leftists, they’ll do with unpleasant xenophobes. Hollande is making a desultory bet that “somehow” all of this will work out in the three years he has left, magical thinking at its finest. Hollande will only get his electoral mojo back when and if he is willing to risk a political rupture with Germany (the unspoken German threat is that their Constitutional Court will forcibly pull them out of the Eurozone if their demands aren’t respected), full stop, or events will surpass him.

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