Yes, I rain on parades

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While we’re all still basking in Hudak Schadenfreude, which is a perfectly good thing to bask in as far as I’m concerned, I would just like to point out that this is a victory for #StopHudak.

Uh, you say, because you are slow, so what?

The “what” is that it is ultimately a negative victory, another episode in the rearguard actions taken to postpone the Ever Rightward Ratchet. There was almost nothing here in the way of electing a seriously progressive politician who will challenge the ever-rightward status quo. Thus, consider your parade rained on.

I have to feel sorry for Andrea Horwath, because she was trapped in a no-win situation (although she came out with a few more seats, I hear). She was faced with the choice of propping up Wynne in order to keep Hudak out as long as possible — at which point, what would the path to government have been? — or incurring the ire of those who felt, probably rightly, that it was imperative to #StopHudak. She chose to gamble on the latter, and then had to grope for a constituency, which did not exist, because it turns out that Ontario voters wanted to #StopHudak too.

For the second post in a row, I have no good answer. All I know is that The Left is stuck in a dynamic where taking a risk to achieve government can easily result in the election of destroyers. The Viciousness Vote strikes again.

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