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BC RCMP at it again

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It’s not enough to pepper-spray infants or slaughter a new immigrant holding a stapler. Why not drag a 61-year-old woman from her walker (to the right in the photo) and throw her on the ground—for the made-up “crime” of refusing to answer questions?

Impunity will reign. The police will clear themselves. Or some Mickey-Mouse charge may be substituted when they actually kill somebody.

This older woman with a walker was considered dangerous enough for the manly cop roughing her up to call for backup. As the police statement stated:

“Police detained an individual who did not comply with verbal direction. The police officer restrained the person when they resisted and called for a second officer.”

Refusing to answer questions from police is not illegal—in fact, it’s a right. Unless, of course, you’re an Aboriginal woman who cannot walk unassisted.

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