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Moral Capital Accumulator 2015_edited-1.jpgIn recent discussions, some respondents have questioned the right of Dr. Dawg, Mandos and other like-minded, virtuous souls to criticize certain beliefs and factions. The challenge is not to the iron rigour of their logic, or to the accuracy of their data (inconceivable, given the army of fact-checkers and editorial assistants the Dawg employs). Rather, their arguments are being discounted because in addressing Evil A, they have failed to simultaneously address Evils B, C, D, right through the rest of the Alphabet of Awful.

In other words (and I’m not trying to markily mark any specific commenter here), it seems one may not draw attention to the plight of Palestinians without devoting an equal number of pixels to the wickedness of Islamist terrorists, or decry Conservative corruption without resurrecting an ancient essay on eugenics by Tommy Douglas, or condemn RCMP brutality without posting a compensatory link to Nelson Eddy performing “The Song of the Mounties”.

Obviously these critics have never examined the punctuation on this page. Look more closely.

In 2008, Stageleft’s Bunker and the Dawg’s House launched the VIP (Virtuous Internet Punctuation) Program. Designed to spare bloggers and their readers the tiresome necessity of larding every post with demurrers, qualifiers, riders, conditions, and exceptions in order to express a point of view, the Program introduced its revolutionary Moral Capital Accumulator (illustrated above).

Those little dots you’ve been mistaking for periods at Dawg’s are actually highly compressed, carefully refined declarations of principle at the highest possible moral level - tiny black holes of condensed rectitude and virtue of near-papal density.

And since entries on this site contains an average of thirty seven periods (not to mention ellipses, AND the dots at the bottom of exclamation points and the top of each lower case “i”!!), every single blogpost represents a ringing endorsement of all that is right and good, and a stinging condemnation of not-rightness and ungoodness in the strongest possible terms.

In fact, the accretion of Moral Capital on this site has been so staggeringly successful that Dr. Dawg now finds himself with an embarrassing surplus, and is prepared to negotiate a transfer of Virtue Equity to needier sites. Dawg’s Blog is pleased to announce that the Moral Capital Accumulator is now available for any browser, platform, tablet or smart phone, and can be specially adapted to meet your specific needs and orientation.

Bloggers with a significant deficit may wish to consider the Moral Capital Accumulator Value Pack, which includes a one-time transfer of Dawg moral equity, PLUS MCA-enabled commas, semi-colons, M-dashes and ampersands. Quantities are limited: act NOW!

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