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dawg.jpgThe Persistence of Legal Debt, by Salvadawg Dali

As you all know, this Green and Pleasant Blog was recently the setting for an important legal decision. The judgement rendered in the case of “Baglow v. Smith et al.” has sparked heated debate among bloggers and lawyers, generated a measure of foreground crowing and backchannel angst on both sides, and created a little clarity in a complex and confusing corner of the law.

The degree to which new ground was broken and precedents set is still unclear. But we now know how the law sees the relationship between fair comment and defamation, and about the liability of a comment board’s publisher for its comments. Baglow v. Smith et al. has helped to shape the extension of existing legal principles into this strange new sphere. The map isn’t complete, and will never be; but to a greater degree than before, we know where we stand.

I don’t want to revisit the decision or rekindle the discussion that followed it: that’s already been done elsewhere, perhaps best by Dr. Dawg himself.

But I do want to talk about the cost of all this to our host and friend.

The judgement was the culmination of a four year fight that cost both sides a considerable amount. The “Other Guys” ran a number of funding appeals, and canvassed their readership constantly for donations. John never asked his readers for a penny, despite some fairly heated persuasion from those of us who didn’t want to see him carry this burden alone.

But the case is over, and Dr. Dawg is now dealing with a considerable debt at the end of his legal action. The amount is significant.

So a number of friends and supporters are launching an Indiegogo campaign to help Dr. Dawg with those costs. The campaign’s target amount is just a fraction of the actual expense; what really counts is your show of support.

My contribution is frankly selfish. I think Dr. Dawg has created a unique little oasis here, a rare space where smart and funny people gather, argue with (usually) wit and civility, and occasionally even change their minds. I’m grateful for this place. My donation is a thank you to Dr. Dawg for keeping it vibrant, and for fighting the good fight on behalf of us all.

A good cause, a good friend, and even a few cool rewards. Donate now - the Doctor is in.

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