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A few words of gratitude

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My learned pal Richard Warman, ably assisted by my co-blogger Balbulican, set up a crowdfunding page a little over a month ago to assist in my legal expenses for my recently-concluded lawsuit.

Their dedication and hard work has been an expression of true friendship. I can offer in response only the slightly awkward phrases allowed us by social convention.

The campaign is now done—there was never any intent to let it drag on—and funds are on their way to me. They came from friend and foe, and from strangers who saw merit in the cause. I am heartened by the generous-spiritedness expressed by all.

To those who claimed their “prizes” for contributing, or who were high bidders on the “Dawgtion,” rest assured that these matters are in hand!

And in the meantime, once again—thank you, to everyone who took part. Heart-warming. Deeply appreciated. I’m sincerely grateful.

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