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That NDP survey

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Readers will recall my earlier comments on the post-election “survey” by the bruised Old Democratic Party. Well, the results are in!

I publish this, in its entirety, without comment, other than to report that tears are running down my cheeks—but from grief or helpless near-hysterical laughter, I cannot tell. Sometimes, I am reliably informed, the two spring from the same source.



At last count, more than 24,000 Canadians participated in our election survey. Thank you for your honesty and insight.

Our team spent some time this weekend reading through the comments, and putting together these results to share.

Health care topped the list of issues you care most about. 97% said improving health care with more doctors, affordable prescription drugs, and better access to home care is important. We agree.

You also shared that jobs, childcare, electoral reform, the environment, and building a Nation-to-Nation relationship with First Nations, Inuit, and M├ętis peoples are important to you, and they will continue to be top priorities for the NDP moving forward.

On the key question of how you’d like to see Tom Mulcair and the NDP work with this new government, 78% asked us to work with the government on issues we agree on, but hold them to account as the progressive opposition.

In this election, the Liberals made ambitious promises, but they still don’t have a plan to reverse Stephen Harper’s cuts to health care, give 100,000 hard-working Canadians a raise, or bring in affordable childcare and more quality spaces. And they won’t ask the largest, most profitable corporations to pay their fair share.

We will continue putting those issues front and center.

While the majority agreed on these priorities, we respect the opinions of those who disagreed. We’ll look for ways to incorporate your feedback to shape the plan going forward.

A critical, international climate change conference is set for later this month, and the government must establish firm targets to reduce carbon pollution. Parliament will resume shortly after that and our NDP team has a key role to play.

Thanks and solidarity,


Rebecca Blaikie
Canada’s New Democrats

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