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He’s like a de-energizer bunny. He can’t be stopped. I can feel my own political energy ebbing to catastrophic levels every time Tom Mulcair opens his mouth.

I’ve travelled the country constantly since the election, spoken with thousands of members of our base, and I have yet to meet a single person in the NDP, an activist in the NDP, that says we were passed on the left by the Liberals.

He’s “spoken with thousands” of members in the scant nine weeks since the election. And not a single NDPer even so much as suggested that promising to balance budgets on the backs of workers might have been an odd strategic move for a nominally social-democratic party? Nary a one ventured the view that wholesale purging of candidates for being insufficiently loyal to Israel might have cost him a couple of votes here and there? And what about his complete erasure of the working and non-working poor, saving his tears for the relatively prosperous middle class?

I wonder, by the by, if any of his thousands of interlocutors called him out on the mountains of post-election piffle emanating from him and from his High Command. “3.5 million Canadians voted for our NDP team. Thank you for your support. Together, we defeated Stephen Harper.”

Come again?

And a significant factor in losing to the Liberals in Quebec, he says, was his forceful defence of wearing the niqab, which somehow lost him ground to Justin Trudeau’s forceful defence of wearing the niqab.

Move over, Burger King. The NDP has become the new home of the whopper.

It’s saddening and anger-making at the same time to watch the disgraced leader of Canadian social democracy clinging madly to the tail of his runaway narrative. Hey, we got the second-largest number of seats we ever had! Or, in the words of senior advisor and election strategist Brad Lavigne: “Mr. Mulcair ran an incredibly strong campaign and had the support of a good number of Canadians for, I think, 55 of the 78 days, so a lot to be proud of.”

Good grief, I’m in danger of becoming cynical. And it’s Christmas tomorrow!

Bah. Humbug.

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