Canada Attacked: No Definitive Link to Islam YET

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Dawg asked his co-bloggers to keep an eye on things out there in the world while he’s swanning about Italy, and I’ve tried. But you know, SO much of it is just the same old same old. Trump, police killings, Trudeau, Corbyn, Brangelina - nothing remarkable.

And then this; the tragic destruction of the Belleville Hawkins Cheezie Warehouse in an “unexplained” fire.

Now, there may still be Canadians who have never experienced the splendor of an authentic Hawkins Cheezie: never beheld their luminous golden glow; never fondled these rough, asymmetrical fingerlings of purest Ontario cornmeal; never savoured their unmistakable crunchy blend of Canadian cheddar, salt and deep-fried fat. If you are one of those, you will not understand that this is the Snack Food World’s equivalent of a blaze in the Sistine Chapel, or the burning of a Hendrix guitar. [Ed: Didn’t Hendrix burn his own guitars?] [Balb: Bad analogy. Never mind.] You have my sympathy for the wasted years behind you; but I envy you the experience that lies ahead like a glorious, Hawkins-hued sunrise.

But the quality of our Cheezies is not in question. There is a deeper and darker issue at stake here - the troubling failure of Canadian “media” and the “security” “establishment” to even acknowledge the possibility of links between this attack on one of our most cherished icons and the tide of Islamist terror that may someday eventually kind of threaten to start sort of engulfing our country.

How long can they maintain the pretense that there is no link between the flood of “Syrian” “refugees” to the Belleville area and a sudden, terrifying spike in the number of unexplained incidents of what might very well be arson directed against dairy-based iconic junk food? I don’t even know how calculate the percentage increase from zero to one, but it’s GOT to be a very big number.

Are we supposed to believe it was simply a coincidence that the warehouse was located on CHURCH Street? And that CHURCH St. intersects Moira Street - just a kilometer from the site of Belleville’s MOSQUE?

Do they believe we’ve forgotten that September 19th marked the anniversary of the capture of Damascus by Rashidun Arabs under Khalid ibn al-Walid from the Byzantine Empire? AND of the bombing of UTA Flight 772 in Niger? AND of the Guelb El-Kebir massacre in Algeria where 53 people were killed? AND of Paul Simon’s concert in Central Park, where he performed his song “Silent Eyes”, about Jerusalem?

Are we supposed to ignore the fact that the attack occurred only eight days after the anniversary of 9/11, and that there are almost eight letters in “Hawkins”?

Enough. The truth will out. Hawkins IS proudly Canadian (that’s a ZED in the middle, not a zee), and good old Canadian values include resilience, courage, and an indomitable belief in dairy based snacking, from St. Albert curds to poutine. We KNOW Hawkins will rebuild. We KNOW they will soar like a Fromage Phoenix to even greater heights. We remain unbowed. Let us proclaim as one:

Ye Pow’rs, wha mak mankind your care,

And dish us out our bill of fare,

Our country wants no lesser stuff,

No Mozza Sticks or Cheezie Puff;

But if you wish our grateful prayer,

Gie us our Hawkins!

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