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Tel Aviv and Washington: All the masks drop

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No more safe spaces, my fellow progressives. The world is one vast trigger warning. And my heart goes out to Jews and Muslims in particular. They’re coming for them. Who’s next?

The dichotomy that folks like me have always claimed—between Israel as a perceived beachhead of “Western civilization” against Islam, versus a benign safe haven for world Jewry—is now manifest.

Benjamin Netanyahu loves Donald Trump, who is busy at the moment staffing the White House with fascists. He’ll forgive the anti-Semitism—the real stuff this time—that is now breaking out all over, because it was never about anti-Semitism, anyway. Israel is getting the nod from the far-right, who are, for now, willing to put aside the fact that Israel has Jews in it, if Israel will only keep up the pressure on the Muslims. And all the pious nonsense about a “two-state solution” in the Middle East has at long last been put out of its misery.

Meanwhile, American Muslims will soon be forced to register—better for now, I guess, than being forced into camps or ghettos, or the mandatory wearing of yellow crescents, or having tattoos placed upon their arms, but we can all read history.

Human decency is dying. Welcome to the Hobbesian world of Donald J. Trump, the “bellum omnium contra omnes.” And at the end, Netanyahu is revealed as just another kapo, and his government as the ultimate Judenrat.

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