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One-man rule in a northern nation

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(Beijing, March 11) DawgNews has learned of unsettling developments in a country that once seemed to be leading the way in democratic governance.

Canada has no term limits—so strongman Justin Trudeau, whose official title is “Prime Minister,” may rule the troubled nation for life. Already, under the Canadian Constitution, he holds the power to appoint legislators to an “Upper House,” members of his Cabinet, and judges. He also has the unquestioned authority to hand-pick members of powerful “boards and commissions,” sign treaties, and declare war.

Prime Ministers will continue to be chosen, not through a universal franchise, but by a party convention. Canada’s largely ceremonial Parliament is restricted to asking questions on specified days—which Trudeau is not required to answer.

Promised electoral reform has been squelched, according to pro-democracy sources. This further entrenches the ruling Liberal Party, called the “Natural Governing Party” by supporters and dissidents alike.

President Xi Jinping of the People’s Republic of China has reiterated his willingness to seek a free trade deal with Canada, but only if political rights there can be guaranteed.

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