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The people have spoken, the bastards

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Well, 23% or so of them, anyway, so forgive the Dick Tuck reference. Nearly half of Ontario electors didn’t bother to show up at the polls. Of those who did, a mere 40% delivered a thumping majority to Doug Ford and his motley crew of wacko candidates—assorted homophobes, anti-choice activists, conspiracy theorists, racists and ghost-seers.

Democracy is grand. But we need a hell of a lot more of it in Ontario. (Hey, Liberals, how’s that first-past-the-post thing working for ya?)

A free press is a good thing, too, but not when the papers are behaving like unregistered third-party organizations on the PCPO team. The National Post and the Ottawa Citizen, both of which endorsed Ford, covered up for him for weeks, blacking out his alt-reich support (here’s DoFo posing with white supremacists Ronny Cameron and Faith Goldy), and his stated intent to restrict access to abortion in Ontario. As for the Toronto SUN, perhaps the less said the better.

PressProgress did much of the heavy lifting here, and was roundly mocked by national columnist Andrew Coyne for doing so. There was scant mention of the aforementioned PCPO whackjobs running for election, but the legacy media pounced upon every attack by right-wingers on NDP candidates. I half expected the latter to search kindergarten records for instances of gum-chewing and snowball-throwing.

There’s no point reiterating all the negatives about Ford. In a nutshell, he’s a loathsome human being without a single redeeming positive quality, elected by a steaming basket of deplorables.

The Liberals gave Ford a leg up. The last week of Kathleen Wynne’s campaign was a mephitic stew of anti-labour agitprop, misogyny and racism, directed against the NDP.

Racism? You bet. Gurratan Singh was excoriated for having once, in his youth, carried a sign saying “Fuck The Police”—in the GTA, where police have carried out a virtual reign of terror against visible minorities over the years, killing, “carding,” and hassling people for walking while Black. Tone-policing the righteous anger of a person of colour in such a context is nothing short of racist. (Andrea Horwath didn’t cover herself with glory on this one either, forcing Singh to grovel to the media and apologize. No apologies necessary, Mr. Singh, and congratulations on your victory.)

So now, the over-determined Ford victory poses the starkest challenge to human decency in Ontario’s history. A small minority of the people have installed a goofy, mean-minded oaf to rule our province for the next four years, evidently believing he’s Santa Claus. Ford never did provide a fully-costed platform, but he’s going to slash income taxes by 20%, Hydro rates by 12%, he’ll knock ten cents off every litre of gas, and he won’t cut any public service jobs at all. And, hey, beer will only cost you a buck.

Sex-ed and abortion rights, meanwhile, are under the gun. So’s the minimum wage increase the Liberals were going to implement this coming January. Ford doesn’t like schools or libraries much, either. In fact, cite any far-right-wing cliche about What Is To Be Done, and Ford is right there, grinning from ear to ear.

It’s going to be a rough and crazy ride, folks: best buckle up.

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