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Maybe a stake through their hearts?

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I love the smell of barbecued racists in the morning. Don't you?

But it's impossible, it seems, to do more than superficial damage. Excoriation is only skin-deep, after all, and appears to heal quickly. So today's lesson, from a certain Relapsed Catholic, is that the holocaust never happened. I hasten to add that we are talking about Australian aborigines here.

Fellow ex-Trotskyite leftist [tendencies are important, and I don't want to commit a grave historical error--ed.] and revisionist "historian" Keith Windschuttle (he has no academic qualifications in the field) is exhumed in her cause. I had thought that his dog was long dead, but he has his defenders still, although few in the field of history other than that serviceable nationalist ideologue, Geoffrey Blainey.

Indeed, their very lack of qualifications is trumpeted as a virtue: those who possess them are automatically disqualified. The latter close ranks against the courageous iconoclast; they constitute a "closed orthodoxy." There's the usual leftist plot at work, of course, in this case inventing genocide for political reasons. There simply was no genocide. It was all diseases and bad habits that killed large numbers of the original inhabitants of Australia. There is nothing to apologize for. (Sounds like a classic closed delusional system to me, but I'm no psychologist. On the other hand, maybe that makes me an authority.)

It cannot be a coincidence that the RC article, and the one that it references, come to us immediately after Prime Minister John Howard's decision to place Aborigine communities under siege. And, coming hard on the heels of a disgraceful post a few days ago and flailing, defensive articles since, the Windschuttle piece can only confirm for us what most people should have realized once RC started regularly referencing VDARE regular Steve Sailer: racism is alive and well on at least one high-traffic conservative blogsite, and it isn't going away anytime soon.

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