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Y'all know what our dear Dr Dawg did to me a little earlier today. So, ok, I'll play. But just this once.

Six ultra-minor truths about myself:

1. Somebody told me that Preparation H can tighten up the unfortunate pouches I seem to be developing below my eyes ("All the runway models use it!"), so I have just slathered on some Prep H and am waiting for a miracle. I dunno, though: by the time he was my age, my dad had the eyes of a hound dog, and I think I got that gene.

2. I think that the white sand beaches of Kootenay Lake just south of Nelson, B.C., are the most beautiful place on earth. Well: in summer, anyway.

3. My position on food is that I will eat almost anything short of raw sheep's eyes, and yet I simply cannot face coconut, not the texture, not the smell, not the anything. I have no idea where that neurosis came from.

4. I can swim a bit, in theory well enough, but I am afraid of water over my head. Something about the depths makes me feel I am being pulled down. I have no idea where that neurosis came from either.

5. Something about people playing devil's advocate drives me up walls. So we're going to have an argument, aren't we, Dr D?

6. I am a sucker for kitchen gadgets and hardware just generally. My aluminum step-ladder is one of the best birthday presents I ever got. My very favourite thing, though, is an enormous copper and steel wok, which takes two hands to lift. I cook almost everything in it. And lifted with two hands, it is a most effective weapon.

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