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Another call for Warman's execution...

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...this time, courtesy of Ezra Levant.

Levant's blog is moderated. Comments do not appear without his approval.

(H/t mordechai15)

UPDATE: (later that same day)

The comment has now been removed. Why did it appear in the first place? Thank goodness for screenshots.

OFF TOPIC: (April 11) I shall take shameless advantage of Warren Kinsella's link from yesterday and a link from Daimnation this morning to acquaint readers with an exhaustive discussion of the technical questions involved in the infamous "Anne Cools" posting. Buckets of Gray has done yeoman work, and techies and laypersons alike should be interested in his series of posts on the matter. Given his evident level of expertise, Buckets might well end up at the libel trial as a witness for the plaintiff.

(H/t Somena Media)

UPPERDATE: (April 12) The prolix Ezra Levant strikes back. But, it must be said, his flabby blows are easily avoided. Obviously rattled, he accuses me of questioning his motives, something I explicitly did not do. I'm not in the mood to be charitable to this windbag, so I will state it plainly: that's a flat-out lie.

And he's playing the Kathy Shaidle game of publicly fussing about my so-called "anonymity," going so far as to suggest (tongue-in-cheek, possibly) that I am Dean Steacy or even Richard Warman. Nope. Anyone wanting to peer past my nom-de-plume who takes the full ten seconds required on Google will be rewarded.

Finally, on a more serious note, I should inform my readers that I made a statement to the police yesterday about the hysterical call for Warman's death
by a Levant commenter. It's in their hands now, and the screenshot is evidence. I'm just reporting the news, in time-honoured fashion.

My point, in any event, was not that Warman is in serious danger, but that his assiduous work on behalf of human rights has attracted a lot of hatred. In this case a breach of the Criminal Code had likely been committed by a commenter, whose comment was then approved for publication by Levant. The latter is now pleading laziness. I see no reason not to take him at his word on that, at least.

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