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...sometimes the system actually works!

Some readers might remember my run-in with security personnel at Toronto International Airport back in March, on our return from Down Under. I submitted a formal complaint to the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (actually a link to my blogpost and then a restatement of it upon request). I wasn't overly hopeful--nearly everything about air travel is optics, including a lot of their "security" hype. Airport screening is carried out by a so-called public-private partnership between CATSA and Garda.

Yesterday, though, I received a letter from CATSA essentially upholding my complaint. The salient passage:

I sincerely apologize for the behaviour shown by the Screening Officer and the Service Delivery Manager. On occasion, good Screening Officers make mistakes in dealing with passengers and we believe this to be the case in this instance. The interpretation of the liquids, gels and aerosols requirement can sometimes be difficult when trying to decide if a substance is a gel or a solid when it is similar in consistency. The salve in question was of a more solid consistency and considered to be an essential non-prescription medication for your stepson's skin condition, therefore, it is permitted.

Following the investigation, certain recommendations were made to improve on our goals. It was recommended that your complaint be brought to the Screening Officer's and the Service Delivery Manager's attention. It was also recommended that a Senior Service Contract Manager meet with both individuals and review the Liquids, Gels and Aerosols regulation as per our Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's). Both the Screening Officer and the Service Delivery Manager have been met on this issue. Also, the Senior Service Contractor Manager has met with the Service Delivery Manager [
a fellow called Chris, according to a CATSA official--DD] on providing his name when a passenger requests it and has sent a message out to all staff that they provide their names to a passenger if requested.

When next you're in the Toronto International Airport, be sure to say "Salve, custos" to Chris and Shahin for me. : )


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