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Here endeth the lesson

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  1. It came to pass that in the cold land there was weeping and gnashing of teeth: for the Evil One had anointed his chosen.

  2. And the anointed one went into the land crying, "I am proud, and will wear on my breast a snowflake." And his legions cried, "Verily, he shall do so; and it shall not melt."

  3. And those of the army of the LORD were thrown into confusion, for the people spake in favour, and there was much rejoicing. Chaos reigned in the land, and there was no law.

  4. But there came into the land a soothsayer, a caster of lots, and he spake unto the faithful: "Behold, I shall conduct a Massive Poll. And the people shall have their voice, and they shall turn out this false prophet and cast down his works."

  5. And the faithful praised the LORD and said, "Our deliverance is at hand, for surely the numbers will favour the people of God."

  6. And it came to pass that the lots were cast for many days. And the multitudes did turn their faces away, but some were asked, "Do ye verily worship Satan’s gift?" and they did reply.

  7. And children did come unto the caster of lots when their mothers were at the well. And some were at their meals, and did choose in haste. And the wayward were there, choosing in darkness; and the righteous were there, choosing as the LORD bade them. For is it not written that the ways of Satan are evil, and his works must be thrown down?

  8. And after many more days the caster of lots brought forth a table and said, "In excess of a moiety of you did renounce the works of Satan. And I shall send forth the results of the Massive Poll unto the multitudes, that they might rejoice unto the LORD."

  9. But the Evil One rose up in terrible wrath. "Who is this stranger," asked he, "who questioneth the snowflake I have bestowed upon my anointed?"

  10. And behold, the people were seized with a mighty doubt, and did ask among themselves, "Who is this caster of lots that hath made his Massive Poll in our midst?"

  11. "He hath always been among us," quoth the faithful. And behold, there stood his house where only barren land had been before.

  12. And his house was ill-fitted, and a man said, "That is like unto the house of the Southern casters of lots, who are not here." And a woman cried, "There is no number on his door, and his door openeth not upon a street."

  13. And there came a certain woman clad in blue raiment who said, "The people have spoken through this Massive Poll." But the scoffers scoffed and the mockers mocked, saying, "Bring us then this stranger who walketh among us! Where found he the numbers that he beareth?"

  14. And the voice of the woman was lost in clamour, and she did retire to her house in much confusion. And the scribes were elsewhere, and the Massive Poll was burned in a great fire. And behold, the Evil One did once more triumph, and the caster of lots was nevermore seen in that land.

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