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Liblogs' Diva Rachel has found a hero:
Sheriff Joe Arapaio. (Her original post was entitled "Joe Arapaio: please clone him." She seems to have reconsidered that hed--maybe too gushy?)

Smokin' Joe doesn't appeal to everyone, though.

Not, I would think, to paraplegics.

Nor advocates for the mentally handicapped.

Nor pet-lovers.

Nor visible minorities.

But at least one Liberal thinks he's doing a fine job. After the Green Shift--Tent City?

UPDATE: Before I get corrected on this, DR no longer appears on the Liblogs blogroll, although she was a member of it during the last Liberal leadership convention, where she supported candidate Gerard Kennedy and was one of the top five Liberal leadership bloggers.

UPPERDATE: (July 17) Here's a link for Jason Cherniak and others who possibly don't get out enough. Yes, you know who you are.

UPPESTDATE: (July 17) DR plays the Clarence Thomas card.

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