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"I had to interrupt my internet fast to bring you this important rumour."

With luck, this could even surpass the "internet traditions" meme: "The blogosphere: bringing you important rumours."

But on to the actual rumour in this case, which the so-cons are all over, many doing their best to appear pious and all: and that rumour is that Dr. Henry Morgentaler has terminal cancer, and two weeks to live.

I'm not as dubious as my friend JJ: it could be true, maybe not. In any case a group of young CLCers (and that threw me for a moment, but it's not my CLC) is holding a novena to pray for his conversion before death.

Meanwhile the loving Connie Fournier of Free Dominion has this to say:

His death couldn't be too imminent or too painful for my taste.

Sweet. In fairness, she's almost alone on that thread. But it's a grim sight when the mask of a far-right ideologue slips for a moment, eh?

Oh, and by the way, congratulations, Suzanne.

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