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Mr. Harper's sado-politics

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The abhorrent spectacle of Stephen Harper's continued temporizing on the matter of Omar Khadr, child soldier, is beginning to gross out even the hardened pols at the National Post. Jonathan Kay made the case for action yesterday, while somehow managing to leave Harper's name out of it:

"Millions of Web surfers are now wondering why Canada's government has acquiesced — and as the video shows, even participated — in the unconscionable treatment of a blubbering boy-soldier."

Indeed, Harper's stubbornness on the matter, it seems to me, borders on pathology. He seems to delight in it. "Mr. Khadr faces serious charges. There is a judicial process underway to determine Mr. Khadr's fate. This should continue," his new mouthpiece Kory Teneycke said, only a few minutes after images of Khadr's interrogation by CSIS were flashed around the world.

"Judicial process?" Khadr has been held in a detention camp for six years without trial. He was tortured right from the get-go. When the "judge" of the case agreed to too many preliminary defence motions on issues of disclosure, he was summarily replaced. Evidence has been tampered with by the prosecution. If ever there was a classic kangaroo court, the Gitmo "military tribunals" are certainly that.

Is this the rule of law that Harper supports?

But of course it's not about law. It's about cruelty, and the almost erotic delight that too many conservatives
take in it (Kay being one honourable exception, and there are no doubt several others). To be blunt, there seems to be many a manly swelling of the trousers in those ranks when child-torture is brought up.

Here is the gallery that Harper is playing to, and some of their "ejaculated debate-broadening thoughts" as the Post's Shane Dingman puts it about some likeminded commenters over at CBC.

Now, may we view any of the thousands of similar videos of vicious and manipulative murderers, rapists, and thugs sobbing their way through other police interrogations?

I couldn't care less for the
little turd and his creepy family.

Maybe Stephane Dion can take him in, and give him the Father figure, the
poor little piece of camel dung is missing in his life!!!

How's that jihad crap working for you now, Khadr? Why should we help you?

evil little shithead

Where is my

Frankly I don't give a damn if he's been
tortured beaten or water boarded

"Frankly I don't give a damn if he's been tortured beaten or water boarded
Are you kidding? I'd be disappointed if he wasn't

The best thing for this little s--t is to rott in that jail till he dies and when he goes he can take the cbc and all thier coharts with him

I cringe listening to this baby 15 yr old. A perfect example of a spoiled rotten kid with over-bearing parents

I wonder if he's gonna look like his father, Ahmed when he grows older. If so, we should behead him, so we won't have our appetites ruined again by pictures of that bushy beard bulbous headed toad-face welfare recipient.

Send Khadr back to the ME or leave him in Gitmo FOREVER.

No further words, I believe, are necessary. These folks tell their own sick story far more eloquently than I could ever dream of doing. Makes you proud to be a Canadian--eh?

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