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Slurring Black voters

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Edward Michael George, reading a recent poll, tries to turn an apple into an orange:

So let me get this straight: it is newsworthy that 9% of the American voting public are uncomfortable voting for a black candidate, but not at all that 90% of black voters (that's all America's black voters by the way, not just the partisans) don't want to go with the white candidate?

Well, Edward, it's like this (and pay attention, Jay Currie). In the first instance, the poll indicated that 9% of the American electorate would be uncomfortable voting for any Black candidate. In the second, the Black sector of the electorate, which has voted heavily Democratic for decades (e.g., 84% for Clinton and 90% for Gore), are once again prepared to do so.

We know that race has been foregrounded in the current campaign as never before. But there are
obviously many reasons that people vote Democrat, including the party's comparatively better civil rights record. Edward's suggestion here, however, is that most Blacks vote solely on the basis of race. That's...a little racist, isn't it?

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