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The gender card [updated]

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Sarah Palin's family is off-limits as political campaign fodder--most folks agree with that, on both sides of the political spectrum. But for some, Sarah Palin is off-limits too.

How to wall her off from criticism? Just call any critics of her meagre political qualifications "misogynist" or variations thereof. Easy-peasy.

But here's a thought: why not attack critics of John McCain as "misandrist?" Let's not have any double standards here, hmm?


Leftdog reminds us in a comment of all the charming things conservatives had to say about Belinda Stronach when she crossed over to the Liberals. Lessee, now: there was Ralph Klein's distasteful joke, and ex-paramour Peter MacKay's reference to her as a dog. Norman Spector called her a bitch. Bob Runciman called her a dipstick. Tory MP Maurice Vellacott called her a prostitute and Tory MP Tony Abbott called her a whore.

Funny--I don't recall any concern on the starboard side of the blogosphere at the time. Lots of conservative bloggers defended the perps and went even further, though.

There really has to be a stronger word than "hypocritical" to describe these political psychopaths. Words fail me at this point.

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