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A note to certain conservative bloggers

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OK, listen up.

You folks like to run around extolling individuality, personal freedom, self-reliance and autonomy. But when the individual involved dares to disagree with you, not so much.

Several times over the past few days, you have tried to choose my friends for me, and lectured me about what topics I should post on. My insistence on my own freedom to choose has led to expulsion from one blogsite, hysterical comments about Zyklon-B, and a Pecksniffian reference to the anniversary of 9/11 versus that of the Montreal Massacre.

If you don't like some of my friends, I loathe some of yours. You want someone off my blogroll, Darcey Jerrom, start by chucking out the legion of drooling racists and Nazi-enablers on your Friends of the Broom list. Set a goddamned example instead of talking out of both sides of your mouth, you sententious hypocrite.

As for my blogpost topics, I write whatever I want. Deal with it.

Scratch a conservative, it seems, and you get an autocrat who wants to rule over an obedient army of robots and slaves.
Well, don't tread on me. Here's one left-wing individual who's telling you, as politely as I know how: Get lost. And those aren't the two words in my mind at the moment.

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