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Jason Cherniak, you dishonest little prick. Time for two apologies to decent folks.

First, for suggesting that those who are critical of Israel should not be allowed to run for any party. Well, that gets it all out in the open, doesn't it? You should apologize to every candidate in this election, and any future candidates, for daring to suggest that opposition to Israel should disqualify them from taking part in our Canadian political process. Who the hell do you think you are?

Secondly, for getting your facts hopelessly, ludicrously, stupidly wrong--and then refusing to apologize, and keeping your post up in lights.

Unless and until you do the right thing, you're a disgrace. An utter, contemptible disgrace. Political discourse is already taking a nose-dive in this country. The last thing we need is more gutter commentary from the likes of you.

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