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A little-noticed far-right-wing circle-jerk calling itself the Infidel Blogger Awards has completed its mission, and given a "Biggest Pro-Censorship Ass-Hat" prize to...

...none other than Charles Johnson, of Little Green Footballs. I post the link so readers not in the know may familiarize themselves with LGF: in a nutshell, it's a very popular anti-Islamist website.

Not adding up? Well, I've actually tipped a nod of approval Johnson's way in the past for being consistently principled: as obsessed as he may be, he will not make alliances with neo-Nazis and bigots jumping on the anti-Islamist bandwagon, and he's ripped the mask off some of those self-same neo-Nazis and bigots--and their enablers. Here's a little backstory.

Now, it appears that Johnson has about as much patience with trolls, racists and fascists as I do. He flings them off his well-travelled comments section with abandon; bounces them from his blogroll; denounces them in his posts.

This does not make some of the Usual Suspects very happy, of course. And so Charles Johnson, owner of a site whose anti-jihadism certainly appears sincere and extreme, eked out a first-place win over the latest Canadian far-right punching bag, Jennifer Lynch of the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

Somehow kicking people off one's own blog is now "censorship." Whatever. Wear your award with pride, Charles, and keep making those Nazis dance naked.

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