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Dziekanski inquiry: RCMP response "unprofessional"

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More information is now coming out in the Braidwood inquiry into the killing of Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski. And the behaviour of the four Mounties involved is looking even worse than it did before.

As many of us who viewed the video suspected, once Dziekanski went into cardiac arrest the cops did nothing whatsoever to help him. According to first responder Richmond Fire Capt. Kirby Graeme, their response was "unprofessional." Not only did they fail to administer first aid, but they actively obstructed the firefighters who first arrived to help.

Dziekanski was lying motionless and face down after the assault. He was in handcuffs. Const. Kwesi Millington refused to remove the cuffs when asked to do so, making it impossible to assess his condition. When pressed by the lawyer for Dziekanski's mother, Graeme stated that the cops "were not assisting the patient in any way."

Graeme testified that this was the first time that he had ever arrived at the airport in an emergency before the on-site Emergency Response Services, which could have reached Dziekanski quickly. It appears that the ERS was never called.

The four RCMP officers remain on active duty, and are facing no charges. Maintiens le droit.

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