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Mobbing Lynch

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The swarming of Commissioner Jennifer Lynch continues, with the Usual Suspects™ playing fast and loose with the truth--as usual. A typical example:

Canadian Human Rights Commission chief Jennifer Lynch was invited to appear on national TV to talk about their dubious activities, but when she found out she'd be appearing with Ezra Levant, she backed out.

Then she sent an underling, who appeared only upon the condition that
EZRA LEVANT NOT BE ALLOWED TO SPEAK. [shrieky emphasis in original]

Not so, of course. A flat-out lie. But inconvenient facts have never stopped Levant or his panting acolytes before. There was no call to ban Ezra or to muzzle him. As I noted in a previous post, it was simply a matter of not engaging him--an exercise, in my view, of sound professional judgement. (Here's the video.)

An analogy: suppose you run a large widget factory. There have been some production problems recently, but you have responded to complaints by announcing measures to fix the difficulties. You are invited on national television to discuss your announcement.

But you have been told that a local crank will be facing you in conversation. The crank hates anything to do with widgets. He has publicly proclaimed that they are made of green cheese and sold to terrorists, and that you, the widget-maker, engage regularly in satanic orgies involving pythons, whipped cream and the blood of ferrets. In other words, he just makes stuff up.

Now, wrestling in the mud is great fun after a few pints, or if you're running a blog where anything goes. Not so much, though, if you're a factory-owner asked to talk about serious issues before a national audience. Setting up a debate with a fool might make for good television, but an invitation on those terms is an affront to your work and your reputation, and so, not being a fool yourself, you wisely decline.

Bravo, Jennifer. Stay strong, cool and professional as always. Good report, by the way.

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